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Flower Ashling necklace

This necklece is 38 cm lenth and full of colours. If you wear this neckless everyone turn and look at you again for sure.

Crystal Heart pendant

This featuring heart cut outs on the reverse. And pave fold over clasp. Chain length is 90 cm it self. This is an marvelouse and lovely loking jewellery i ever saw.
Crystal heart pendant is a clear crystal pave with a rhodium plate.

Kauri pendant

This jewellery is made with seven lucky charms. And also added featuring crystel accents, gold and rhodium. This is an 40 cm long chain. Open mesh gold plated.

Magic Ring

This is an very expensive ring. also this ring is very popular.This magic ring is 18 carat yellow gold made.It is 17mm diameter width.
There is a sporty black rubber added to this Magic Ring. The black rubber can replace any time. This Magic Ring has a very sharp and perfect curves.
That is a best pont of quality jewellery.

Handmade Jewellery Designers

Artisan Jewelry Designer is not a new concept. But in recent years the number of designers has increased dramatically. Currently, there are a wide range of jewelry designers in collaboration with a variety of materials including precious stones, pearls, beads, clay, glass, plastics and recycling, some call it.

But why the dramatic increase

hand-crafted jewelry design is a hobby that allows affordable in many cases, work at home. How do I get started and learn their own jewelry design has never been so easy. Courses and teaching materials in local centers, online or through the purchase of boats and jewelry magazines. There are online forums, and publish jewelry, educational materials for their members and offer an ideal communication tool for jewelry designers to share their knowledge or advice.

For people who can start their own business, jewelry design and creation to be a big block because the overheads are low and the pace of society is controlled by the designers.

Internet growth and the cost of creating a website, are declining, there has never been easier for designers to create their own online business. This opens the door to many new customers and a presence on all sales, with local events designer currently enrolled.

Jewellery Designing courses

The rate of sales growth of 30 percent per year, the apparel industry's leading foreign exchange earner for India. This growth and recognition research has certainly pursue many different opportunities for young people for jobs in this industry. With this success, India has the jewelry market in the world at number three. A profile of jewelry design basically refers to the ornamental design can be precious stones, jewels or junk are. Other products by at the hands of a designer gemstones, precious and semiprecious stones, ceramic, glass beads and wood, plastic, shells, cowries, etc. are processed

How to win a jewelry design course allows you to work with jewelers in place and help employees of several companies, jewelry, department and agencies, a major exporter of gems and exhibition halls, etc. Others, some areas of work are high fashion magazines, or to start a career as a teacher or regular part-time. There are many courses in this area promise by various institutions in India itself, as integral to design jewelry Bank program

Unique Jewellery Gifts

If you are thinking about buying a jewelry gift, you should check the source must be jewelry designer. This is especially true if the recipient is an avid collector of jewelry and admired the work of certain designers. Many of these fans to create their pieces together jewelry collections created by designers.

But even if the person you give the gift is not knowledge of jewelry designers, purchasing a piece from a designer whose work reflects a personal style of the recipient can be really significant. It is an act that will actually touch the pan. It is even possible that this gesture would continue their efforts to a present far less of a problem in the future choose the recipient is a fan of designer jewelry.

The advantage of buying a jewelry designer

Perfect Jewellery Designing

Although the design of a piece of jewelry for the individual things, both should be considered. First, the person, the second, styles and colors for this particular kind of works, including any requirements and restrictions that are necessary to the room are comfortable and functional, will design. If these aspects are taken into account, the customer is a jewel on the individual personality, lifestyle, and fit more and more their style. collected in this way, the customer jewelry can be a part of your wardrobe and stay cherished possession for many years and perhaps several generations. The first and most important thing to remember:

Theme Settings
The first important point is that the person that you create a man or a woman. This knowledge would facilitate the work and a designer can design the site accordingly. We are also about the age factor, ie children, young and old concern during the design. Other then that we are on the variety of jewelry, the ring, ie, earrings, pendants, brooches build, chains, etc. .. to concentrate? This is the most important point that in designing ornaments, because failure would be conducting a complete disaster in most of the construction.

If we decided that many variations, and there is to see, that there must be a gem or adapted.

Content and intent:
After determining the type of jewelry designers, the interests of the customer to recognize the design. Some jobs of all types of period costumes in a particular area such as love, music, sea, etc. ...

Therefore, to use concepts are implemented in line with the latest trends in the sequence. With this soil, to use the customer so much as to perhaps be an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Deepawali, Id, Christmas, etc. .. official meeting

Size of the jewelry:
Some of the jewels of a certain size have to use a ring tone words, bracelets, necklaces, ring size, etc. can be 5-13 us (15.7 to 22.2 mm). Use a ring for you to determine your ring size. Place the ring on the circle next size. The inner edge of the ring must be aligned with the outer edge of the circle, if your ring appears to fit between two sizes, buy the larger size. Women's standard necklace sizes 16 "long necklace, 17-18" chain reaches the clavicle and the heel-30 "under the breasts and the men of standard sizes of the chain can be 18" neck to neck small 20 "clavicle" The most common length for a man of medium height, 22 "and 24" A few inches below the collarbone. As the ring band and the chain should be adjusted to a certain size. The default size of the bracelet is 7 ¼ "average woman's wrist, 8 ½" doll of the average man or woman with larger wrist and 9 "For man with larger wrist. So keep in mind the size factor.