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Other Gems

Diamonds are not just pieces of jewelry that can be purchased with caution. Diamonds, at least to have quality standards in the four Cs, but no similar standards for colored gemstones. However, you can look around a lot of questions and learn.
When buying a gemstone, ask the jeweler for all that you do not understand to explain. Beware of terms a gem that is not "authentic". Remember balls is only a ruby ruby, emerald is an emerald night. The most expensive jewelry, the most important might ask for a GIA certificate.
A director of the City of New York said GIA certificate is important, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. On the one hand, there are many different types of this jewelry is simulated in the laboratory that even a jeweler to be unaware reliable of all. One of the aims of the GIA, however, kept informed of developments in simulated gemstones. In the case of colored stones, the stone can be any size and can be customized. Which certification is only the authenticity of the stone. The lack of standards for the colored stones, and the fact that the color may be more a matter of personal taste are precluding a detailed assessment.

Jewellery care

When buying jewelry, to consider the care that they should have with him if you are buying. All jewelry will be saved. How can you save? Do one of the stones fit into the light, as some topaz, orange or yellow?
Jewelry should be cleaned, so not safe for all jewelry. Additionally, if the jewelry is strung, attention can be necessary to keep the line wet-dry chain affect the gemstones.
They also want to know whether to jump the jewelry, break or scratch easily as difficult and fragile. This is especially important for rings, which are the most problems. You can use some gems most of the time, while other precious stones are removed, even if you wash your hands. While all these problems are addressed in later articles, you have the questions and answers is said that when looking for jewelry. They are an important part, how to buy jewelry and how to be happy with what you buy.

Effecting of using gems

Do not need an introduction to the world of precious stones, because it has become a household name with institutions in the recent past. Today, there are jewelers and gem dealers in the world that do not boast not of the mystical powers of gemstones and their multiple uses.
The Oxford Dictionary defines "Gem" as "something precious stones of great beauty or excellence." It is absolutely a stone, something that is natural, organic, and is the mother earth. Although many crystal and glassware is also an artificial gems, in fact, the gems in the above sense and not a problem here ..
The discovery of the jewelry back to the previous historical period referred to in Indian mythology and Puranas about the various precious stones have been accumulated and were part of the treasury of the emperor. The price for a good performance, whether it was in times of war or in the visual arts rewarded by gifts of precious stones. It is known that the most famous diamond Kohinoor India has moved from the then British Empire.

How to Buy Jewellery Gems

Before purchasing jewelry with precious stones, you want to familiarize yourself with the different conditions with different precious stones. The most important thing is that words are used to replace the jewelry, especially gemstones that could test his interest. Although no reliable jeweler knowingly pass a jewel for another when you shop, you have to wait to jewelers who can run are less demanding.
Note that you can not always say what is the gem to see. Emeralds are green. In addition, tourmalines are green, and that the name comes from the Sinhalese mixed gemstones. outside smoky quartz can look like the most precious smoky topaz. Then there are the stones that few consumers have heard of, such as spinel.
There is no general rule that can expect to pay. Each price list is updated before you print. The only way to know what is a fair price to ask jewelers. If you do not have a regular jeweler, more important, and to check the prices of precious stones in particular. If you want, topaz smoked topaz smoked visit as many shops as possible to get a general idea of current prices, although prices can vary depending on the size and quality and the organization. You can, however, good idea to get easy Topaz, or other precious stones as possible.
Although the terms "jewel" and "semi-precious stone" have little meaning until the prices went all the jewelry, the stones to buy less expensive probably safer from the point of view there is less reason for anyone trying to create jewelry that is not what will be for sale. However, cheap jewelry, such as turquoise and zircon, can nature be improved by various types of treatment, and spinel and garnet can synthetically.

Diamonds buying

Diamond buying chart
A diamond is a diamond, but all that glitters is not gold. There are two broad categories of diamonds, precious and industrial, and appointed as the consumer.
The "Diamond Jewelry", a term, however, covers a broad spectrum of quality, the four Cs of clarity, color, size and carat weight. Although the terminology may be from one shop to another and vary from one country to another, using increasingly jewelers in the United States, the standards and terminology of the Gemological Institute of America, established the GIA. These and other rules and terminology, you may see or hear. Sure, you can always have other conditions, but reliable jeweler should be able to translate his terminology for GIA, especially if you have taken courses from GIA. Standards and quality GIA GIA certified, by the way, are welcome and can be used worldwide, particularly in investment diamonds.

Precious Gem Stone Valuable

How many of you know, precious stones have since prehistoric times, been used not only as an ornament of the body, but the authorities were likely to hold. Since precious stones are simply rocks or minerals from the soil, had no brightness, brilliance and elegance that today. Therefore, were the first people with more healing power and beauty.
People believed that the rarest of the precious stone, was the most important of the owner, a rare gem, the better the performance is easy to determine place. In other words, they were worth more. This is true even in modern times. Curiously, despite the beauty of the gemstone has an important role, is the rarity of the gemstone collectors envy.

Diamond Gem Stone

The diamond, precious stone, the stone and the hardest one of the most popular is believed to relieve respiratory problems such as cough and phlegm. The diamonds are the symbol of innocence and consistency, which explains why they are popular in the crown jewels may be considered.

Emerald Gem Stone

Emerald is generally considered a green stone, but it comes in different colors such as red rare. An emerald is the right shade of green can be more valuable than a diamond.
For eons, the emerald is a symbol of hope and it is said to preserve love. This could explain why we see a growing number of brides with precious stones,

Ruby Gem Stone

At one point, the ruby is more valuable than diamonds, it is considered the jewel of the stronger partner for many astrological signs. While rubies varying degrees of pink and red are the best bright red. Rupees will bring happiness and peace of mind for the user. Ruby is the perfect gift as a symbol and a sharing of friendship and love.

Sapphire Gem Stone

Sapphire is the favorite, like a precious stone is highly valued with a deep blue star sapphires. This gemstone is also available in pink, yellow, purple, green and transparent.
The common belief that sapphires help heal a sore throat is to help mental clarity and perception and can be economic benefits for the owner.

The four "C" of colored gemstones

We talked about the four "C" in the selection of a diamond, colored gemstones, but have their own four Cs: color, color, color and paint! This statement may seem exaggerated, but not as much as you might think. Overall, the most beautiful and rare color, the less impact cutting, clarity and carat-weight to the value of the gemstone. On the other hand, the most common color, the biggest impact of these factors.
When we talk about color, we're not talking about just the color. Color science and color evaluation is a very complex area. But if you understand the different factors to consider when evaluating the color, you can see the colored jewels in a completely different light.

Find the value of gemstones

The color is the most important determinant of the value of colored gemstones. It is also far too often the determining factor for confusion because, unfortunately, most people are unaware of how many gems of the same color. And business professionals can even be deceived or taken into custody. All too often the detection and identification based on color alone, because so few jewelers and customers aware of many of the same color stones that are available.
Until recently, the gemstone industry, some colored stones was promoted, focusing instead on the most precious gems and profitable.

The key elements in describing color

The color we see in the precious stones is always a combination of pure colors of the spectrum from red to violet pure pure, with varying degrees of brown, white, black and gray. These are the colors later influence in combination with the colors of the spectrum, the sound of the colors you see and make the classification difficult color. For example, if the target is available with red, have a lighter color or shade of red, if black is now a darker shade. Depending on the number of degrees gray, white, black, can cause brown or almost infinite combinations of colors.

Color and Gems healing

Precious stones are the cornerstone of the mineral kingdom. What will save energy radiated cosmic cosmos on the Earth and other planets in our solar system. In a sense, a connection between the Earth and other celestial bodies. In Ayurveda and Vedic astrology teaches that the use of special energy-precious stones, which improve the power quality of life of a person.
The white light is visible radiation in seven colors (as seen in the rainbow) and split into two beams that are invisible, infrared and ultraviolet. In Ayurveda is the right balance of these rays in the body is an integral part of physical and mental health. Whenever there is a lack of this cosmic radiation in the body, illness begins to manifest.

World important gems

The gemstones are interesting things. Yes, yes they are. Sent flows of fun and excitement at the end of each woman or a woman for that matter, all at the same time as the sweaty face of a man. Are you a man? Then you surely know what I mean. However, times have changed and now men and women in search of pearls, and even the modern poor are elegant look.
Of course, that there are many kinds of precious stones, many and if I say much, I'm serious.
We all know that gemstones essentially rocks, gems. What makes them so special? You ask. Undoubtedly, the western world with their beauty and elegance, and attracted to the market value of their courses. However, you may be surprised to learn that were the most important of all precious stones, first recognized by the sages of ancient India. In fact, every month has a special gemstone ruby, topaz, garnet, amethyst been identified ...

World important Jewels

Gem gravels are among the most productive sources of fine jewelry. Many of the most famous gemstones in the world are in the diamond fields of Golconda in India or the gravel from Myanmar and SriLanka working.
Gem-rich forms of gravel, because most rocks are more resistant minerals are formed from chemical processes in the time of the rocks. Gem grain or enriched in the surface layer of base rock time or implemented downstream and deposited into the path of the river gravel, some form of distance from the source. Gems are generally heavier than many common minerals concentrations accumulate in the lower river flow velocity and volume. Defective parts are most easily destroyed when the minerals are transported over long distances and under conditions of turbulence, so that some fragments contain a high proportion of good quality materials.